Tuesday, August 28, 2007

my *great* grandma

Here is a LO of my great-grandma at my graduation party. She is going to be 100 this year. Sept. 22. Mom wanted my sister and I do do some scrapbook pages or mini albums of her for her b*day. The bottom photo on the LO is me, my dad, and great-grandma fisher. She lives at the nursing home in Prairie du Chien. My parents went to pick her up so that she could come. G*ma Fisher is such a sweet lady! So glad she could come. I realized I haven't posted for awhile. Here's why...like I said earlier. I had gotten stung. Well it turned to a very bad allergic reaction. I had to get a steroid shot in the arm. That didn't heal like it was supposed to and actually got worse. Back to the emergency room :( From the bee sting it turned into cellulitis. (not related to cellulite.) haha... It's where the skin cells become infected. Me no likey. I feel yucky, and my leg is stiff. Yes, so on top of all of that, now I have to carry an epi-pen. I told my *foster* grandma about it and she said I should get a braclet or necklace letting people know in case of emergency. ICE: in case of emergency. If you have a cell phone, your supposed to put your emergency contact under ICE and then there name. b/c if something happens to you, an EMT or whoever could possible grab your phone and call your *someone important.* So Krista: maybe we should get matching dog chains w/ our info. That would be sweet :) Have a great day!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

swap-bot's *Photography Lovers*

These are the two I sent out.

I *luv* swap bot!

So... my sister introduced me to this thing called www.swap-bot.com Pretty cool stuff. Membership is free. And your world is a playground :) There is a *huge* range of fun stuff you can get in on. You sign up for swaps of any sort. Then you get partners and send them your goodies. It's even international. How cool? My first two swaps are Photography Lovers and Postcard Quote #3. For the photography one you pick out your fav photos you have. 5x7 in size at least and send to your two partners. The photos I first ordered weren't as good as I was hoping. I was quite upset b/c it took forever for the pics to get to my house and then I was disappointed in what they 'really' looked like. Send by date is Sunday so I was definitely worried about not sending in time. But...I had my postcard swap too in the same time range (about). I had to search for some postcards. I went to World of Variety and found cute postcards and...A photo kiosk. W/ decent prices. So this morning I went out in search of a better photo op. I got an amazing flower shot. ( I loves anyway) Got *stung* in the process :( Pain is beauty? ...haha... Got that taken care of, and started on my postcards. The only thing they needed were a fav quote. Out of the six I bought, I only used one. And I altered that one! It was so fun! I didn't realize making your own postcards was so cool! The one is a quilt block postcard *(bottom)* the other is a real one that is altered *(middle)* and my favorite is the collage vintage looking one. *(top)* I definitely suggest trying out swap bot! It's amazing! Happy Findings! xoxox des

pretty postcards

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

me and my top *10*

1. lace and buttons, lace and buttons, lace and buttons :) 2. Pandora Radio {thank you Krista} 3. setting up fun photo shoots w/ Krista 4. when kira comes in to snuggle at 4 am 5. discovering new things that I wouldn't normally imagine doing 6. hearing the rain fall 7. little dresses and skirts and being girly :) 8. playing in the Swap-bot area {thx Krista} again 9. kaci says I love you, and she doesn't have a reason 10. pretty inspiration from Elsie's blog/DT

Sunday, August 19, 2007

my fav photo for today

so, this is my favorite. My sister and I had planned this photo shoot a couple weeks ago. We thought we were rained out, but I said 'hey, we can still take pictures!' We went out and had a blast, I mean I did anyway. hehe. We got absolutely soaked at first. Then the rain kind of died off and we dried off. Alot of our photos turned out great. When I got the photos on the computer, I instantly knew I really liked this one. I added this really cool antique effect and it just looked even better. So cool! Anyway, I love it when it rains. There is one exception though. Who knew that when we got all this rain, that we would have so much flooding and bad news on the way? I always seem to ignore the flash flood alerts. I never believe them. This time it came though. Not us in Boscobel, but all around us. It so awful to hear about, and to see with your own eyes. Thats the only way to really believe it. You hear about it, but it doesn't make sense until you are there, until you see it, that flooding can happen and that it is bad. What bugs me the most right now, is that I feel so helpless. I wish I could be out there helping people who need help. Helping the people at the nursing home to evacuate. The one where I work anyway. I can only imagine how tough that probably was for the residents and everyone helping. And I just got a phone call saying that the Mill Dam broke thru. I am so upset about that. I love going there. It's so peaceful and pretty there. I love taking the girls there. Their eyes just light up every time we pull in, b/c they now it's an awesome spot too. After an almost whole day w/out rain, it's raining again. My heart goes to all of you who are in need. xoxox des

Friday, August 17, 2007

it's what we drive...

This is my latest layout. It's a pretty picture of (my boyfriend) Jesse's/Our car. I really like this picture. He took the car down to the boat landing after this huge storm we had. Well the storm cleared up and the sky was getting ready for a sunset. The clouds were just gorgeous! I love it when the clouds get to change into other colors besides white :) We ended up having a rainbow, and there is a picture with it in the background. Ok, here it is. I did find it, but it isn't as good of a picture as I was thinking I guess. Oh well, they are still pictures that I love! The color is just awesome to me! It says all show, no go. It's a saying Jesse and his friends say about their cars. It looks nice going down the road, but it doesn't go as fast as it might look, hehe. I know...my blog, not his. Why about the car? I really like the car. It's cute, everyone looks at me when I drive it. It's just fun to drive! [And I consider it partly mine] :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Here's to *4* years...

*4* years and hopefully more. Sunday the 12th of August was our 4 year anniversary for me and Jesse. Hooray! We've made it this far :) Well, we ended up making it a movie day. We don't do that much anymore. Wish we did, we got to the movie rental place and there were a ton of movies we wanted to rent! We ended up renting these 3. They made the top of the list. They are 'Hot Fuzz,' ' The Number 23,' and '300.' Our movie choices proved to be excellent picks. I would suggest all three to anyone. Later after we watched 300, we went to the boat landing in Blue River. It's where Jesse asked me to be his girlfriend (the first time). So we like to try and go there. When we got there it was so beautiful. It had been a long time since we had gotten to see the stars out in the country. They were amazing! We kept seeing shooting stars, and I thought there's too many of them for this to be shooting stars! I called my mom. Turns out it was the peak night for meteor showers! Awesome, that I believe was the highlight of my good/bad day. Oh, and Jesse, if you do read this on occasion, like you said you might, Maybe someday I will play WOW. Hopefully things will be better before I make that kind of commitment. :) love you.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

what i've been working on:

this cute little thing is what i have been spending my time on lately. I just finished it tonight! No sewing machine, so yep, all hand stitched. So excited. It looks pretty much like this. I just added some eyelet lace to the bottom and sewed that to it. Tonight I finally got brave enough to glue it to the book! :) My sister and I are doing a round robin journal swap. We are decorating the covers and sending on down the line to whoever is on our list. Nothing is in side yet. That first lucky person will get to do that. It will be exciting to see what every one comes up with! After a little time we will send them to someone else until it's full. If anyone is interested check out the flickr link or email me: butterflymmy@hotmail.com. Most anyone is welcome. We hope to have lots of fun with this!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

*26* part 2

6. Stop procrastinating so much! 7. Get healthy, excercise more, lose 25 lbs. 8. Conquer my OCD. 9. Stop letting Anxiety rule so much of my life. 10. Take a money management class. 11. Take a CPR class. 12. Stop sleeping in so much. 13. Get published in a scrapbook magazine. 14. Take more pictures just b/c. 15. Learn to be more patient. 16. Broaden my creative horizon. 17. Learn more about photo editing programs. 18. Get in touch with old friends. 19. Teach Kira to count to 10. 20. Help Kaci practice for her green belt. 21. Take the girls to the beach one more time before school. 22. Start writing poetry again. 23. Keep growing hair for Locks 4 Luv. 24. If it's not worth it, don't fight it. 25. Break out of this box I feel I'm stuffed into some days. 26. Live life without so many worries.

starting my *26* goal. part one

1. Dance like no one is watching! That's what you do my little one. So beautiful, the way you twirl and giggle and dance. Like no one is really watching! I miss that feeling. Carefree, you make me remember that. Now, if I could just let go and be so daring as you... 2. Play in the rain! I know, I have before. But these cute pictures I took remind me of the fun I used to have playing in the rain growing up! I'm only *26* yet somedays i feel like such an old lady! That I will overcome :) 3. Be a fabulous mommy! Look at these two! They are so adorable I could just eat them up :) Kaci (6) and Kira (2) are the best little girls I could ever ask for. They have helped formed me who I am today, in a good way. There are somedays that I worry I'm not spending enough time with them. It's probably silly talk, but that's what I hope for: To be a good mommy and be there for them whenever I can! xoxox 4. Be more carefree! Be a kid again, for just a few minutes. Jump on the bed and have fun. 5. Walk proud in my boots. Be the more confident person I used to be! {(love these photos! :)}

Monday, August 6, 2007


* so... I know, it's been a week since I've written anything. I'm not sure why. But I will recap my last week for you. and myself. hehehe. Tuesday night was my last post. I had to go to bed early that night. Wednesday I had to be to work at 6am. I'm not much for being a morning person, but I want to be. Especially when Kaci goes to school. I want to work mornings and be able to pick her up from school and have that after school time for her. And Kira too. So thats that. I did the same thing on Thursday. By Thursday night I was feeling the effect of little sleep and was exhausted. Me likey the sleep. And I gave in to it. *Friday was the pool party for Bible School. Which was awesome! The girls and I had such a blast! The shallowest part of the big pool was 26 inches and that is up to about Kira's nose. At first she was scared, then she did get used to it. She even became daring enough to stand on the edge of the pool and jump in at me. Sooo exciting. And the church was giving away school supplies. Kaci won a bag. It was plump full of the whole school list of things she was going to need. I hadn't needed to buy her anything for school, b/c it was in that bag! Awesome. Tiring, sleepy. *Saturday and Sunday I had to work too. We had to work short, and everyone had to bust their butts all night. After stress like that, I didn't want to spend time on my junkie computer. That thing is so slow, I am so ready to whip it out the window. *Now, it is time for me to release all my thoughts. It is fun this way. I have so much to say, my fingers don't move fast enough. Not that anything much I am writing is that exciting today, but it is me. Who I am, and what I do. *I know my picture doesn't much match what i have to say today, but there are a few reasons. One, I've realized I don't want to post without eye candy. It makes my post look naked! Two, music is a great stress reliever and Flyleaf (one of the best bands! {who are great live!}) is the band that I put into the CD player today on the way to work. b/c yes, today I worked too. Happy Monday! It hasn't been a bad one :)