Monday, November 26, 2007


My daughter and I decided we would make scarves together for all the ladies in our family. She was so excited and that made me excited! Everyone I've been reading about (on their blogs) is getting so crafty for the holidays. I thought I could join in the fun and have kaci help me out. B.C. I know she would love to, and she'd have 'sew' much fun! :) Here is a photo of my first scarf we made. For Sticker, i mean daughter, (who knows how it evolved), insists on calling my sister (her aunt) Sticker. soooo cute!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

at it again...

Wow! So much fun! My sister came over this past weekend. YOu know to scrapbook and stuff. :) Such a lovely time. We actually got a lot done, 2 LOs a piece. In one day...haha...And I actually got my sister to use my mini sewing machine. a big deal since she claims she is sewing impaired. For her first try she did very well. Now if only I could say the same thing for myself trying to use my new sewing machine.'s not that bad. I am just having trouble getting the tension situated. My project involves very thin material. So I'm sure (hopefully) that that is really all my problem is :) Yes, my mom gave me my Xmas present early. I think she was worried I would go out and get my own before the holidays. Oops, I'm good at doing that kind of stuff! She's so sweet! I am so very blessed for the amazing family I have!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Sew...I have been having so much fun lately. I feel so silly, and giddy inside, but hey, if it motivates me... I guess go w. it. I've been accomplishing so much lately in my own goal driven world. I've made a few totes. I want to make some more. And there is also speak of XMas coming soon! My daughter Kaci and I have a few 'crafty' ideas up our sleeves. Can't wait to get started on those! Its going to be so fun! Thanksgiving is in two days. I'm sure everyone will load up on lots of yummy foods! I know I will. I love food! This year I get to make Pumpkin bars for my 'boyfriends' side of the family. For my side I will be bringing Sweet Potatoes. Soooo yummy! It's going to be a little odd. This may sound silly but it's my first year ever having to work on Thanksgiving. I've always had a factory job where you always got it off. Now I work at a nursing home. They need somebody everyday. You can't tell them to 'go home' for the holidays :).Some get to, but many stay at the nursing home, hoping someone will come to visit them. It won't be so bad. It's nice to be able to put a smile on someones face, who appreciates you! :) (though there are a few residents who aren't so thoughtful!) Happy Holidays!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

sew crafty :)

I see I haven't blogged again lately. Sometimes I guess I just don't have much to say. I have had so much stuff on my mind lately, but not online blog stuff that anyone wants to read about I'm sure. Just going thru some personal yuckiness that i'm trying to figure out :( Oh well, they say time mends the heart, but time is just going to slow!! Other than all my sappiness, I did manage to get some layouts done and I made a little tote! I won a RAK a few weeks ago. I got it in the mail, totally cute! Definatly check out the Dozens! How rad are they! Their kits have such great colors and cute little things you wouldn't think come in a kit, but totally belong!! Yes, it's true, I'm in love! Now if only it weren't so close to XMas...I could to afford to get a kit all of my own! Here are few projects I completed w. my RAK: My little tote! The little squirrel fabric came w. my RAK. I kept seeing Silje. Make all these cute totes, and i was just getting so itchy to make my own! I've always wanted to but just never did. But Saturday night I was just feeling really motivated. The sad thing is that I don't really have a sewing machine :( I have a little sew craftly sewing machine by Provo. It is a little scrapbooking sewing machine. Half of it, it sewed up fine. Then the other half it sewed, but didn't completely catch on the bottom side. So I had to go thru and hand sew a lot of it! But it turned out nicely I think :) I can't wait for XMas, my main reason being that Mom has said she plans on getting me a real sewing machine! Watch out world! ...haha...

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend! Oh, don't forget to wish Elsie a Happy Birthday today!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

my Faves

From triada53 From klsanderson From aeonmouse From catharine. From seahorse_ / melanie From zeynep'arkok From MaggieMason From rlnaen From jaime m From Herry Chiu From kristastussy From .elsie*cake. Yes, so I know I said I wanted to post my faves once a week. Totally didn't go that way at all. I keep forgetting how fast time goes by... And getting up at 4 in the morning just does not help matters! *sigh* There are people to be taken care of though. [at the nursing home] lol, i feel like time flies, and I don't get anything done, yet I feel like I'm always on the computer. I *hate* having OCD :) I'm constantly checking the computer, always worried I'm going to miss something. Or that I'm going to miss getting an important email. (i never do)(get an important email...ha) My mom has always told me, since I was little, I've acted like that. Always worried I would miss something. Oh well, the *good* part of OCD, is my clothes are hung in color order :) my CDs are alphabetized, and my house is almost always picked up. I can't help it! Hope everyone enjoys the Faves...

Thursday, November 8, 2007

*National Friendship Week*

DON'T FORGET! NATIONAL FRIENDSHIP WEEK! Remind those friends of yours how much you really appreciate them :) At home I don't have many, but am so grateful for the ones I've meet online sharing the same joys as i do {Scrapbooking!} Thanks so much!
A few good friends <3>

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I love to decorate! Love it, love it! I'm constantly moving my house around and thinking of ways to add a little something here, or something there! Well of couple of days ago, Jesse thought we should put all my scrapbooking *stuff* into the playroom. Then we could shut the door and lock it. B.C. for some reason, Kira loves to get into my stuff. Always! My sister stopped by one day and told me my walls looked bare in my new area. So I put up this: When I was younger, 16 ish, this is how I would decorate. Only I used fishing line then. I would put all my fave photos!

i <3 shoes!

I love shoes and so does my daughter! Totally rad. She seriously has a pair for everyday of the month. And she wears all of them. What really makes me happy? When she wears her tall boots with cute skirts :) She's six, almost seven and enough clothes for her whole class. Gotta love rummage sales and thrift shops and St. Vinnies! Me and Kaci taking a walk downtown to the railroad tracks. It was one of the last nice days to take a walk w.out freezing :)


Yes, so I'm a few days late showing off my lovely children in their adorable costumes. Better late than never...haha...