Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Not much to report

I'm not very exciting. ha! I'm sure I've said that before!
lately I just haven't been into an internet/crafty mood. *gasp!* I don't know what it is...I have been in my health kick kind of mood, that is what I am guessing is the problem. Well not really a problem, but you know... In the last two and a half weeks i haven't drank but one soda. That was at my parents house. They were having a bbq and I couldn't find the bottled water. I don't even think I finished the can. After that, I knew it wouldn't be hard to not drink it anymore. I think about Dr Pepper alot! :( But I know it will taste too sugary after drinking water all the time. I've lost five pounds so far. Hooray me! 15 more to go.
I am very excited today! My package came fromForever21. I ordered a very lovely cocktail dress for my friend Bradley's wedding. It's plain black but I will be able to wear over again with new accessories and will always look awesome! ha!f
I also found a lovely new kit club. They are called the PaperMinxes. Definately go and check that out. They just debuted their very first kit today! (and I would totally buy one if I weren't so freaking broke!) But yes, very lovely papers, and cute little extras! oh my.
One last thing. We'll see how I do. Over at the Happy Cactus blog, Ari tagged me awhile ago. I'm just getting to it. 6 quirks about myself. hmmm.
  1. I always have a necklace on. I feel naked without one.
  2. i love to drive. anytime, anywhere. i just wish it weren't always to work.
  3. i have ocd and i'm ok with it. i don't mind cleaning and organizing :)
  4. i love*love*looove! to bake! cheesecake is my fave.
  5. i don't want to use my stamps b.c. i don't want them dirty.
  6. i'm terrified of the dark
tag you're it! to anyone who wants to play let me know so i can come and read!
well thats all, here's a photo of my dad and the girls. <3 grandpa and the girls. hope y'all are having a great day! xoxo danielle

Thursday, June 12, 2008


ok, not much to say. i just wanted to write down, that i did it!
i went a whole day with out soda (yesterday, june11). so hopefully the days after yesterday go much easier! now if i can stop dreaming of Dr. Pepper... i did pilates 2 times this week so far! thats exciting for me. i usually give up now, ha! but i need to be more determined. my darling sister is getting married next fall. (Sept.) Which is plenty far away of course, but that gives me plenty of time to (hopefully) succeed. i have a goal of 20 pounds to lose. and i did cut out my soda. i hope that helps! :) Not much else here. it keeps raining. there has been lots of flooding and tornados. my weatherbug is always going crazy with new alerts! todays playlist: (created by itunes, party shuffle)
  • crazy town ( who doesn't like Butterfly?) hehe
  • Garbage, i <3>
  • the Killers, Hot Fuss
  • Arcade Fire, Neon Bible
  • Blue October, Foiled
  • 30 Seconds to Mars, A Beautiful Lie
  • Plain White T's, All That We Needed
I love this photo, so cute. kira found this bandana and wanted me to put it on her head. when everything was all situated, she turned around, looked at me and said, "look at me mommy! i'm a pirate!" xoxo, danielle

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

i'm not good at blogging :(

it's true *sigh* every time i sit down to blog,
i think, eh. i can't remember what i was going to say. or, hmm thats not too interesting. hehe. i've never been good at keeping a journal either. but i really want to remember random moments of what i was thinking at any given time.any given time. here i am trying to get out there what i've been up to. say a little more about myself: i had someone tell me that all my blog really was was photos and scrapboking. and not much about myself (or my fam) ok, about me? i'm begining to realize that i may be a hypochondriac of sorts. i am always thinking i should see a dr for some reason. i am nerd, i know. but i feel better after someone explains whats wrong, so i don't sit and analyze things into a panic attack. (yeah, i constantly have them) (gosh you'd think i was a mess :) ) anywayyyy! the point of my story is that i stopped at the clinic on my way to work yesterday. my eye was super red, and i had yucky cold like symptoms. i wanted to make sure i didn't have pink eye. i would hate to take that to the nursing home with me. Yuck! needless to say, i was sent home with a drs note and pink eye. the goop i have to put in my eyes is gross. nice, i know. kaci, she's 7. had her field trip to the Madison Zoo last Thursday. My mom and I and Kira (she's 3) followed the bus up. It was alot of fun. Kira was so excited to see the bears and penguins! and Kaci had a blast running around with her girlfriends. and wouldn't you know it that i forgot my camera and mom remembered hers? that never happens! ha. i'll have to get her photos and show them off :) the trip to the zoo made me think of my top ten lists. it's been a few months... 1. watching the giraffes run! wow! the mom and babe were chasing each other. sooo adorable. 2. just relaxing on the couch while the girls watch tv. 3. The anticipation of waiting for LOST. "Jesus Christ is not a weapon" 4. summer time excitement that comes with the end of school! 5. summer means the swimming pool! 6. Love, Elsie papers. How yummy. 7. Red Velvet and the Dozens kit clubs. 8.making mini albums: you can see more here. 9. listening to itunes. my faves: NIN and Arcade Fire. Garbage and Death Cab. what a combo! :) 10. the new puppers. Apollo. i think thats all for now. wow, just like christmas. <3>