Saturday, January 19, 2008

lazy saturday morning

mackenzie my perspective. Kerry to St. Pietersstation Field of rhombus The Cage, Lyme Park, Cheshire, 12th January 2008 Windows Vista 1907 brick*town The path Hausausschlag Looking thru flickr for pretty pictures :) staying inside to scrapbook and play on the computer today. and try and figure out how to finish my quilt. i sewed the blocks together. now it's on to the backing and what have you. that is what my saturday will consist of. maybe some cleaning too! way to COLD to go outside. last time i checked it was still 6 below! yikes!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

no excuses!

i've not been blogging again. i'm just not that exciting i guess! What have i been doing? i made my top ten faves again: (january 10, 2008) 1. candlelight 2.caramel rice cakes 3.Target 4.being organized 5.making mixed cds 6.the Black Apple sewing machine crock pot 9.mascara 10. Juno I had my sister make on for me about two months ago, and I just thought maybe i'd do one every so often to see how much I change. Or what is going on in that period of time, to remind me of the stuff we enjoyed. My sister is quite my motivator. Hooray! And Jesse is a close second. [my friend that is a boy, hence he is like a boyfriend. some days...] :) and these two :are my inspiration! <3

free spirit

my sisterhere is a LO of my sister. it's seriously missing something. i have NO idea what to put in there! I layed some pink KI lace down and painted white over it. then i peeled the lace up and some of the pink stayed on. I love how it looks and don't want to cover it up! that's why i'm at such a loss! my hope was that if i put it online, it would come to me. you know, you show it around and then suddenly realize what was missing. cross your fingers...ha!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

*One Star Story*

Stuff to talk about: One Star Story. Everyone needs to check them out! They are a totally rad band from Missouri. They just signed with Transatlantic Records, hooray! i can't wait to see these guys go places! Especially Wisconsin :)

i've been bad

So, lots of time has passed since I have blogged. Why? I'm not sure. It's probably just me trying to figure out my antidepressants, no biggie. I will get it figured! It's funny how the little things get you down and you feel so helpless, or hopeless. *sigh* Oh well, I won't go on and on about it! Lots has come and gone though. Kira's birthday, hooray she's 3! Christmas. My birthday (the 30th) (it's my birthday and i will cry if i want to) (worst birthday ever) (the day after, best belated birthday: the residents at the nursing home I work for, sang Happy Birthday to me! *awww*) New Years has also come and passed. It is now 2008. That is so weird, and hard to grasp yet. How was your New Years? Hope everyone had fun. I went to my boyfriends cousins house. Just like last year. We played Cranium, very fun game! Other stuff i have been doing? I've been scrapping a little here and there. hmmm, i didn't know this photo was so blurry when i took it, but it still looks cute. Sweet Pea: these photos were taken on a school day, Kira was playing in my lap and I was taking photos upside down. The LO out above is about random wishes/thoughts. Some may sound silly, but it's me...