Saturday, January 19, 2008

lazy saturday morning

mackenzie my perspective. Kerry to St. Pietersstation Field of rhombus The Cage, Lyme Park, Cheshire, 12th January 2008 Windows Vista 1907 brick*town The path Hausausschlag Looking thru flickr for pretty pictures :) staying inside to scrapbook and play on the computer today. and try and figure out how to finish my quilt. i sewed the blocks together. now it's on to the backing and what have you. that is what my saturday will consist of. maybe some cleaning too! way to COLD to go outside. last time i checked it was still 6 below! yikes!


Anne Thompson said...

Hi there, my name is Anne, I was just blog surfing (came across your site from Racheals) I have 2 little girlies also, a SAHM. Your LO's are gorgeous! Anne