Tuesday, January 15, 2008

no excuses!

i've not been blogging again. i'm just not that exciting i guess! What have i been doing? i made my top ten faves again: (january 10, 2008) 1. candlelight 2.caramel rice cakes 3.Target 4.being organized 5.making mixed cds 6.the Black Apple 7.my sewing machine 8.my crock pot 9.mascara 10. Juno I had my sister make on for me about two months ago, and I just thought maybe i'd do one every so often to see how much I change. Or what is going on in that period of time, to remind me of the stuff we enjoyed. My sister is quite my motivator. Hooray! And Jesse is a close second. [my friend that is a boy, hence he is like a boyfriend. some days...] :) and these two :are my inspiration! <3


KristaStussy said...

aww...how sweet.

you know whats funny...I did make my new top 10, i put it in my art journal, did you see it on my blog...well the funny part is that Juno and Target made my list too :)