Thursday, May 22, 2008

its chilly out for may

they say its may. that means spring time.
brrr. its been a pretty chilly spring so far. oh well. go ahead. make some yummy trail mix :) it will cheer you up.or make cupcakes. (the ones i made for karate)the karate competition was good. Kaci got a first place trophy for her forms. 2nd for sparring and 3rd in board breaking. oh yeah she's good. she beat 2 boys! its so good to see her do things she loves. <3 hooray, kira is using the potty at least once a day. thats great! i'm so excited for her. she's lovely too. she likes to hang out in my scrap room with me and look the window at everything that goes on. and checking out the lilacs is always fun too! ooh! and for the karate competition, i actually made myself look nice! ha! so i did a few self-portraits. it was fun, i hadn't done any in quite awhile. the headband. it's my new fave, its just a scrap of fabric that fit perfect! ok, off to bed, off to bed. 3:30AM comes way too soon. xoxo danielle

Friday, May 16, 2008

scrapbooking makes me happy!

i've gotten quite a few LO's done lately. it feels good. i feel so fulfilled. <3 pretty paper. lovely embellies. endless possibility. its huge! it can be anything you want it to, there are no boundries! wow... today I: planted daisy and colored sunflower seeds into peat pots. (wish them luck!) i made cupcakes for Kaci's karate tournament tomorrow. (frosting coming soon) i am in the process of scrapping my 2nd LO. played with Kira outside. took Kaci to school.(she's wanted to stay w. Grandma tonight, so we'll spend more time together tomorrow) and now it's time to make tacos. yummy! happy TGIF! xoxo

Thursday, May 15, 2008


lol, got me some goodies lately! i have been enjoying a good read: so much inspo here! very awesome! go, get one. seriously! I've flipped thru the cute little cards like, countless times. my head is so full of great ideas. i'm worried i won't be able to keep up! yikes :) hmm, and this:i won a random drawing from this lovely scrapper. i got some rad claire goodies! so exciting, bc i had gotten an order with claire papers, but realized i didn't buy enough embellies. so...yee-ah! her LOs are quite beautiful. i like. and RVKC had a clearence sale. Sale, cannot stay away from sales. looks like theres a few things is what i picked out. [i love watching for the mailman][i'm not lame, promise! :)] cannot wait to try out the super cute embroidery iron-ons! fun!fun! go have fun! you deserve it! what better time than now to have some scrappy fun!? ok, if work stands in your way? whip out that little notebook, and write down all your super duper ideas before you forget! don't forget to smile!! :) ps LOST is on tonight, don't forget.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

look at me!

she is such a silly! my little kira. she's 3, and is so girly!

{as i stated earlier} she loves to run around in my shoes! any pair she can find. these are just too cute. she runs around the house and yells *look at me! look at me mommy!* so much fun! she finally used the potty! that is also very exciting. early mothers day present i like to think of it as. she did it the night before mothers day <3this is my mothers day gift from the *boy* i love it! and yummy cupcakes to celebrate the day!

Monday, May 12, 2008

new *pretties*

some scrapbooking going on lately! i'm not exactly sure how
i feel about them yet though. not that i don't like them. no no. don't get me wrong. it's hard to explain. i like them, i love the colors, the stories i hear in my heart. BUT, (lol) i just am not sure they are my 'style' if i even have a style. maybe I'm evolving? or not. its different everyday... ha! i must sound like some sort of crazy! is the eye*candy... all the LOs are 12x12s. I finally figured out how to use my 81/2 x 11 sized printed to scan and piece LOs. I'm so slow and can't believe i hadn't figured it out earlier :) I don't have any fancy photo programs or anything and really didn't think it could do many cool things! i feel so crazy happy today, so please excuse me if none of my blog makes sense or seems silly. i don't know why, everything seems to be fitting together a little better lately i guess. (except for money, but thats a long way in the works...) have a lovely day, xoxo des

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


the weather is getting nice. it only took forever! considering, i think only2 weeks ago it was snowing. anyhoo, nice weather means rummage sales!! yay! city wide sales her were pretty fun, it was rainy and chilly and windy. but oh well. you just go with it! ha. here are my few faves: this is an old medicine cabinet. the paint is chipping super bad and i'm going to peel it off and redo it. i'm super excited about this project!
not sure what to call this. a mirrored shelf cabinet? i <3>
and here is a super cute thrift store find! i love seeing what everybody has, or used to have but doesn't hold their interest anymore :) oh and here is good one too! *bride bingo*! my sister is getting married next September and i get to be the maid of honor. ooh, that means bridal shower and games. and...bachlorette party. hehe.
and i can finally show this off! Ari, from Happy Cactus, set up a private swap a few weeks ago. she made these super cute pin cushions. and i wanted one. so we decided to have a swap to make it even. i made her this crafty/baking apron. she'll look super cute in the kitchen :) i love it! i almost didn't want to send. i liked it that much. the cute apple fabric is from the dozens march kit. gotta love it! super cute and so much fun! this is what has been filling my time. plus lots of *girl* time with kaci & kira :) happy thrifting to all those who love it! everyone else, have an amazing day too! <3>