Monday, May 12, 2008

new *pretties*

some scrapbooking going on lately! i'm not exactly sure how
i feel about them yet though. not that i don't like them. no no. don't get me wrong. it's hard to explain. i like them, i love the colors, the stories i hear in my heart. BUT, (lol) i just am not sure they are my 'style' if i even have a style. maybe I'm evolving? or not. its different everyday... ha! i must sound like some sort of crazy! is the eye*candy... all the LOs are 12x12s. I finally figured out how to use my 81/2 x 11 sized printed to scan and piece LOs. I'm so slow and can't believe i hadn't figured it out earlier :) I don't have any fancy photo programs or anything and really didn't think it could do many cool things! i feel so crazy happy today, so please excuse me if none of my blog makes sense or seems silly. i don't know why, everything seems to be fitting together a little better lately i guess. (except for money, but thats a long way in the works...) have a lovely day, xoxo des


Vee said...

love your pages!!