Tuesday, May 6, 2008


the weather is getting nice. it only took forever! considering, i think only2 weeks ago it was snowing. anyhoo, nice weather means rummage sales!! yay! city wide sales her were pretty fun, it was rainy and chilly and windy. but oh well. you just go with it! ha. here are my few faves: this is an old medicine cabinet. the paint is chipping super bad and i'm going to peel it off and redo it. i'm super excited about this project!
not sure what to call this. a mirrored shelf cabinet? i <3>
and here is a super cute thrift store find! i love seeing what everybody has, or used to have but doesn't hold their interest anymore :) oh and here is good one too! *bride bingo*! my sister is getting married next September and i get to be the maid of honor. ooh, that means bridal shower and games. and...bachlorette party. hehe.
and i can finally show this off! Ari, from Happy Cactus, set up a private swap a few weeks ago. she made these super cute pin cushions. and i wanted one. so we decided to have a swap to make it even. i made her this crafty/baking apron. she'll look super cute in the kitchen :) i love it! i almost didn't want to send. i liked it that much. the cute apple fabric is from the dozens march kit. gotta love it! super cute and so much fun! this is what has been filling my time. plus lots of *girl* time with kaci & kira :) happy thrifting to all those who love it! everyone else, have an amazing day too! <3>


Ari said...

I love my apron!! I wore it the other night when I made bread! I felt so special and home-makerish!! I love the medicine cabinet and the owl! Our neighboorhood is having a HUGE yard sale this weekend - so hopefully I can find some cool stuff!