Friday, April 25, 2008

just kind of lurking in the shadows

thats kind of what i've been doing. i'm not sure why. i haven't had much to say. feeling kind of bummed lately. its the weather. every one always says how they love spring and its supposed to be so cheery and so on... for me, i hate spring. i have no clue what it is, but ever since i was 14, {yikes, over 10 years ago, time does fly!} i get super depressed. from about march until the end of May. *sigh* i always know its coming so i try to prepare myself. oh well. what i have done over the last few days: *i'm finally sewing squares together for Kaci's quilt *bought Juno for my Ipod *cleaning up my computer of unneeded *stuff* *listening to the best music ever. i've fallen in love w/ Garbage all over again! *played in the rain! *found some awesome sewing books, they actually have how-tos on how to make rad curtains! anyway...this is what i did buy: downtown DIY Sewing *most recently? cleaning and rearranging. i got my goodies that i ordered from my boyfriends mom! hooray! here are a few photos of my home: oh and one more cute thing!!! are these not the cutest foam stickers ever!? have an amazing weekend! later <3


Krista Stussy said...

Cheer up!! (say it with a british fun!!! It always makes me smile or laugh...even though my british accent really sucks!
OR listen to the filthy it