Wednesday, December 12, 2007

shh, its a *SECRET*

haha...not really, it's just that I love Gossip Girl. You know the new hit show on the CW. By the creators of The O.C. *sigh* I miss the O.C. Oh well. They say too much tv is bad for you. Its the only show I watch for pleasure, so ha! (i don't count when the girls make me watch Dora or Spongebob! :] Anyway...back to Gossip Girl. Every week they always have great music!!! This week my sister (yes, she likes the show too) discovered The Pierces. And *SECRET* is a freakin' awesome song!! They are so rad! Enjoy :] Hope everyone is enjoying the *holidays*! I think I'm all done with the Xmas shopping! Hooray! I just have the stocking stuffers left to go. And Kira's birthday is coming soon. Dec. 21. Too close to Christmas, but what can you do? She will be 3 already!! soo that's all for a little while. a few hours later and i finally got my photos up!

Thursday, December 6, 2007


like no one is watching...
here is a recent LO i finished. sorry it's so blurry. i guess i will have to start scanning them in again. if i can get my stupid printer to work. i've been having problems w. it lately :( so...i'm home sick today. i have an awful cold/sinus infection. and then i felt like i had the flu on top of it. yuck, not something i want to take to the nursing home with me. i wanted to leave a quick post w. my last little bit of energy, before i take a nap. oh and we're supposed to get more snow today! probably how i got sick in the first place. i went out to shovel after our first big snow and worked up a huge sweat. i could feel the heat emanating out of my coat when i would slow down for a second. oh well. getting snuggly in the blankies :) have an amazing day!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Happy Birthday to YOU!!

Blow out your candles!!!My little "Big" girl turned *7* yesterday. WOW! It is so hard to believe that she is seven! Yikes, sometimes the time sneaks away from you :) I let Kaci have a birthday party for her friends at school. Yep, we invited the whole class. Why not? Only three, yes three came last year. How bad could it be? Well, almost the whole class RSVP'd. 13 out of 17 kids. Plus her aunt Jakan and cousin Tori. I got lucky. Jesse had gotten the day off. (they were slow at work and told him not to come in.) I didn't realize how lucky I was until we got home. Oh, two of her classmates were sick, so we still ended up have total of 13 first graders :) Around 4 o'clock my mom came by to help too. She had promised to come over before I knew Jesse was going to be there. was very nice to have both of them there. Jesse was very good w. the kids! Kaci got soooo many nice gifts! WOW, how lucky? And so far with cards in the mail, $50! Yeah, when I was little, I never got money. everyone made sure to get us 'real' gifts. Last summer I opened savings accounts for the girls. Hoping Kaci would learn more about saving money. (and hopefully be better at it than me!!!) Yes, she is very excited about getting money and watching it grow in her savings!