Thursday, May 22, 2008

its chilly out for may

they say its may. that means spring time.
brrr. its been a pretty chilly spring so far. oh well. go ahead. make some yummy trail mix :) it will cheer you up.or make cupcakes. (the ones i made for karate)the karate competition was good. Kaci got a first place trophy for her forms. 2nd for sparring and 3rd in board breaking. oh yeah she's good. she beat 2 boys! its so good to see her do things she loves. <3 hooray, kira is using the potty at least once a day. thats great! i'm so excited for her. she's lovely too. she likes to hang out in my scrap room with me and look the window at everything that goes on. and checking out the lilacs is always fun too! ooh! and for the karate competition, i actually made myself look nice! ha! so i did a few self-portraits. it was fun, i hadn't done any in quite awhile. the headband. it's my new fave, its just a scrap of fabric that fit perfect! ok, off to bed, off to bed. 3:30AM comes way too soon. xoxo danielle