Thursday, June 12, 2008


ok, not much to say. i just wanted to write down, that i did it!
i went a whole day with out soda (yesterday, june11). so hopefully the days after yesterday go much easier! now if i can stop dreaming of Dr. Pepper... i did pilates 2 times this week so far! thats exciting for me. i usually give up now, ha! but i need to be more determined. my darling sister is getting married next fall. (Sept.) Which is plenty far away of course, but that gives me plenty of time to (hopefully) succeed. i have a goal of 20 pounds to lose. and i did cut out my soda. i hope that helps! :) Not much else here. it keeps raining. there has been lots of flooding and tornados. my weatherbug is always going crazy with new alerts! todays playlist: (created by itunes, party shuffle)
  • crazy town ( who doesn't like Butterfly?) hehe
  • Garbage, i <3>
  • the Killers, Hot Fuss
  • Arcade Fire, Neon Bible
  • Blue October, Foiled
  • 30 Seconds to Mars, A Beautiful Lie
  • Plain White T's, All That We Needed
I love this photo, so cute. kira found this bandana and wanted me to put it on her head. when everything was all situated, she turned around, looked at me and said, "look at me mommy! i'm a pirate!" xoxo, danielle


Ari said...

when i cut out sodas i lost 10 lbs. good luck! i don't miss them at all - its been 4yrs. now the only time i drink soda is if it has alcohol mixed with it!

PaperMinx said...

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-the minxes :)