Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Not much to report

I'm not very exciting. ha! I'm sure I've said that before!
lately I just haven't been into an internet/crafty mood. *gasp!* I don't know what it is...I have been in my health kick kind of mood, that is what I am guessing is the problem. Well not really a problem, but you know... In the last two and a half weeks i haven't drank but one soda. That was at my parents house. They were having a bbq and I couldn't find the bottled water. I don't even think I finished the can. After that, I knew it wouldn't be hard to not drink it anymore. I think about Dr Pepper alot! :( But I know it will taste too sugary after drinking water all the time. I've lost five pounds so far. Hooray me! 15 more to go.
I am very excited today! My package came fromForever21. I ordered a very lovely cocktail dress for my friend Bradley's wedding. It's plain black but I will be able to wear over again with new accessories and will always look awesome! ha!f
I also found a lovely new kit club. They are called the PaperMinxes. Definately go and check that out. They just debuted their very first kit today! (and I would totally buy one if I weren't so freaking broke!) But yes, very lovely papers, and cute little extras! oh my.
One last thing. We'll see how I do. Over at the Happy Cactus blog, Ari tagged me awhile ago. I'm just getting to it. 6 quirks about myself. hmmm.
  1. I always have a necklace on. I feel naked without one.
  2. i love to drive. anytime, anywhere. i just wish it weren't always to work.
  3. i have ocd and i'm ok with it. i don't mind cleaning and organizing :)
  4. i love*love*looove! to bake! cheesecake is my fave.
  5. i don't want to use my stamps b.c. i don't want them dirty.
  6. i'm terrified of the dark
tag you're it! to anyone who wants to play let me know so i can come and read!
well thats all, here's a photo of my dad and the girls. <3 grandpa and the girls. hope y'all are having a great day! xoxo danielle


Anonymous said...

I'm going to post - should be up any minute.

Krista Stussy said...

Congrats on the "NO" pop and weight loss! Ive stopped drinking pop many times and then I go to April and hard to resist. :( but at least i dont drink it like i used to!

can't wait to see my sunglasses ;)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the wieghtloss!! And the no soda! I freak out if I don't have my rings on - or my lipgloss in my pocket! Thanks for playing!

Michelle said...

Yay for health kicks! I went to school with a guy who drank Dr. Pepper everyday and he lost like 70 pounds after he stopped drinking it! Anyway, thanks for entering the monster draw and visiting my blog! Happy day =)

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