Wednesday, July 30, 2008

a whole month? really?

hmm, where does the time go? it is summertime. the girls are always wanting to go swimming. It is where I've spent most of my summer, thus far. I don't mind actually. Swimming is actually good exersise! ha! Yes, I am still trying to keep up with my exersizing. One more thing that has been consuming my time :) And...drum roll please.... I have lost 10 pounds! Another 10 and I will have meet my goal! I am so excited!!(this is kira, who is 3. she loves to swim and put on her *soup, soup* <3) another reason for blog withdrawal? this girl. she practically lives with us :) that's Jakan. the boys youngest sister. in case you wonder? jesse is 25. Jakan is 9. He is the oldest, she is the youngest. And there are 3 more boys inbetween them, ages 10, 14, and 16. She is, the only girl. No worries. She is very welcome to come and play and swim anytime. Which leaves plenty of opportunity for silliness... and sweetness... Not much else has happened. Just living summer life out I guess. Swimming, running (who knew it was so much work! i do enjoy it though), bike riding, walking, lots of working, and...i've begun to enjoy reading again. lol, i want to finish what i'm reading! right now i'm reading 'The Pillars of the Earth' recommended by my mom and sister. another reason for getting sidetracked with the blog. and sadly, scrapbooking too. hopefully the dry spell is over! ha! Oh! and speaking of this lovely, we tried on wedding dresses about 2 weeks ago. sooo much fun! I miss hanging out with her so much! we've talking on and off lately and she really gets my blood going! in a good way of course. talking about the wedding and all the fun stuff, photo shoots, scrapping, cooking and healthy eating. *sigh* so inspiring. <3 ok, thats it for today. I hope to be back soon!


Krista Stussy said... do miss me :P

Come visit!

We need to check out flower shops sometime, found some decently priced ones in madison (i wonder if thats too far away?) Oh and JoAnns and Michaels for cool vases and other fun stuff... Dont get me started, I could go on for hours. LOL