Friday, August 15, 2008

today is still a work in progress...

nothing to serious going on here. i have been obsessively cleaning my house. i've given a ton of stuff to St. Vinnies in the last three weeks :) it feels good. august 12 marks 5 years for the boy and me. and i didn't even remember until 10 that night. wow. sooo not like me. but jesse didn't remember either, so no body was hurt. but i still feel super bad about it! i hope it wasn't like one of those wherewe are just kind of doomed. bad omen? i hope not!me and the boy at our good friend Brad's wedding. (in my lovely forever21 dress!)aww! so cute! i loves them! they had their reception at a place called the Dorf was such a lovely place. with a gazebo and garden and little pond in the back. it was very nice.summer lovin. just chillin around the house. lots of that going! i love this one! we like to do our make up together! :) its soo cute. she has make up all over her eyes. which she is very proud of! and did herself. randomness...this girl as of late has been my hero. loving her art. checking it out and getting inspired. which i NEED! its almost been 3 months and i haven't hardly scrapped! oh i miss thee! oh well i have plenty else to show for my time.and this lovely. i drove for like 10 minutes trying to find the perfect spot to take this. i heart. and i always think of this lovely girl. when i see pretty sky photos. another great stop of inspo for me. :) have a happy weekend. xoxo.