Thursday, August 28, 2008

silliness is afoot

i feel so full of excitement!! I made it to the next round for SFAC.

Here is the LO. I was worried at first, it wasn't coming along. But then I fell in love with it :)not much going on. i've got some stuff i want to show off. but i just relized its not on my computer yet! the suspense. lol! super cute stuff coming soon! lets see. last weekend, my girls and i went to visit these lovelies:haha! so much fun with them. my sister and her fiance, Big E. I flaked on her for the day I was supposed to come up. (sorry) I felt really bad, so I picked up a present for her. and myself. i've wanted one sooo bad for a long time. so I thought I should get one for the both of us. here are some other goodies to enjoy by keri smith. go. have fun. no regrets! no regrets? that reminds me of a recent LO. i need to learn to love being me. just me, no changing me. me who i am. its all i can ever be. lots of love til next time. hopefully soon! :) xoxo, danielle


Krista Stussy said...

I want a copy of those pics. funny ;)

Anonymous said...

I have "Wreck This Journal" - I keep struggling with some of the challenges lol.

But I am working on it.