Monday, September 22, 2008

it must be getting dusty in here :)

so here is one of the goodies i had talked about forever ago!
so very proud of this. a scraplift of Ashley Wren. i so love her
style! and its rubbing off in my scrapping. it feels good : ) all the journaling can be found here.
another fun one i did. i've been having alot of fun with paint and gesso.
it always looks good. no matter what! ha! just a quick one of the 'quiet'
things my daughter and i do together after kaci goes to school and daddy
leaves for work. i love these photos. they feel so fresh!
the little tags i made to hide under the scallops
and my 'little' kaci. ( ha! having fun using the apostrope today :) } its a few weeks past, but here is her first day of second grade. can i believe it? barely. second?! how did we get this far already? sadness of letting her get bigger and grow, mixed with the happiness of seeing her happy and growing. having fun with school and friends *sigh*
but with the beginning of brings library books. i can't believe how well kaci is picking up on her reading! my heart was quite full hearing her read. and then i thought it would burst! :) when i saw kira climb up behind her to hear the story and tell her own story with the pages.
and my fave silly times together. there's not usually a fourth person to take our pictures together so i take our own. we're just chilling on my bed having tickle wars and jumping parties. good thing my mattress just sits on the floor. the frame was broken sooo long ago from said earlier jumping parties. on the funny thing is... jesse, 'DAD' is the one who jumped onto the bed! yep, it just kind a caved after that...ha!
yeah, so i know i've said it before, but....i hope to be back with a post. you know, like sooner than a months time :D ( i can't help it! there are so many good shows on this season! Gossip Girl, Project Runway, Heros) ( wow!)
xoxo, des


Krista Stussy said...

you forgot the new 90210 show!!! must see!