Sunday, October 5, 2008

here's to lazy sundays

ahhh, today i plan for a good day. sundays are the best. and today i have plans. yay! i've been very inspired lately. so i'm very excited to see what i get done. the very best part? it's thundering out! my favorite! rain storms and creative*ness, oh yes :D creative? yes, i thought i'd try out doing something lovely with my hair. i liked it a lot. i couldn't get any good photos of it inside, so i asked the boy to take some outside. i felt silly asking him, why i don't know.but he did a good job. this one is my fave.

and here's one of us together chiilin' on the
porch swing. love that thing!its also that time again when i need to take kira's pictures. the home photo
shoot didn't go so well. i got one of her. but it wasn't quite the shot i wanted. but i got a good one of teddy :) i think he may be smiling, a little. ha! anyway i thought i'd give the portrait studio another chance. it actually didn't go half bad! i only got a few good shots, but hey, that's better than none. i will show those off sometime soon. the poor thing. kira, for some reason has weak teeth. she had a molar cave in on her last week :( she cried for 2 hours! i had to take her to the dentist. she's only 3 and a half mind you. and there are no children's dentist around here. so the regular dentist did what he could. thank goodness! and she behaved a million times better than i ever thought she would. hooray! so we will see how she behaves when i take her to the childrens dentist :)
i got a few updates for my etsy, i know, it's been looking bare and dusty for quite some time. but i got a few things for it. and i have tons today that i'm working on for it! so excited. this is my rock star blanket i put in there. i love, love the colors. nice and snuggly for those chilly nights! friend and i had a rummage sale and i made a few handmade journals to sell. i've got some left over that i put in the etsy. i love these little things! they are soo cute! great for notes and ideas and sketches.
one more thing. me and this lovely girl are dreaming up big ideas for mini scrapping kits. these have really been getting my blood moving! wish us luck! i can't wait for them to totally come together. it's been so fun looking around, searching out cute little tid bits here and there. i can't wait! i just hope it works out! well i'm off. lots of creative*ness to do before those ideas float out the window with the rain. i have those ideas written down, but sometimes its just not the same. xoxo, des


Krista Stussy said...

OMG! she looks just like Kaci!!!!!

photography4me said...

Awesome looking quilt. I'm lovin' the colors! And your little journal is adorable too.