Monday, October 20, 2008

Make A Wish...

Its a little blurry but i love it just the same!
We've taking the puppers out a lot lately, enjoying the lovely leaves that are so pretty! Taking the girls for walks has been a of fun lately. I can just feel the excitement in my daughters. such a lovely feeling! We aren't even a block from home and kira is asking for piggy rides! I have the dog in one hand. he's about all i can handle! So kaci always offers :)
this is my puppers. Apollo. kaci took this one. we are about 3 blocks from our house and kira thinks we need a break ha! it must be this spot, a week ago some guy stopped here to talk to me about Apollo, :) Asking about what kind of dog he was (american and english bulldog mix) saying how he was a beautiful dog, (he is!) and telling me about his dogs. hi make old englishe dog passed away a few weeks ago :( the kids had taken him to the park and the dog didn't get enough to drink while he was playing. he ended up having a heart attack. it was sad! anyway! the guy was super nice. it was a very nice compliment.and this is what Apollo looks like after his walk. ha! is my news i've been soooo excited about! i have wanted to do little mini kits and embellishment kits. I love sharing random little finds that make me think, 'that would be so fun so scrap with!' my sister is supposed to be helping me, wink, wink. :) but she is super busy right now. she is taking a nursing course and working full time. but she will (i hope) be joining me soon!
These are my first set of embellie kits. check out my etsy shop for a detailed list of goodies. i finally decided to jump in and put them out there. Kara and the girls at THe Art is Found had a post up looking for sponsors for their challenges. i thought to myself, this may be a great time to stick my neck out there and try to fly! haha. so yep, i get to sponsor the prompt this time around. can you believe how excited i was? Thank you Kara so much!
so...yes. my blog title has meaning behind it today... make a wish. it may come true on its own. sometimes you need to work a little or a lot for it. but maybe... little by little it will come true. cross your fingers! xoxo danielle