Sunday, November 2, 2008

word to yo mother!

happy halloween a few days late! no new pics for halloween. not for a while anyway. the digital is at my sisters house :( so i've been using my mom's film camera. yeah, it's been awhile to use one of those! the rad thing though? i was thrift shopping the other day and found expired film! (but thats for another blog post ;) i needed to blog. so i thought i'd show off some old halloween photos! thats always fun! (above): pumpkin carving at the boys' familys home.this^ yep, mommy's little devil! 2006
and my fairey princess. 2006 i think. pretty sure.
then there's the lovebug! who is in that """i refuse to get my photo taken'' stage 2007
kaci i think is supposed to be a vampire. quite lovely i think <3>
then there are these really great photos! oh yes. my sister and i dressed as clowns. we had some creative looking costumes back in the day. i love looking at old photos! so much! lol 1986 or 87ish. yeah. old.
and this one. its just funny. i look like i'm ready to stab my sister in this photo. ha ha. i wouldn't. this is in the basement of our old house on Sheldon St. carving pumpkins. this would 1987 or 88ish.
not halloween related but this photo is just too cool. ha! thats what they are saying. ""look Mommy! we're too cool!""" they are the funnest! is that a word? it is today. i'm always at a loss of words on how to describe these two. so when i can come up with fake words to use, they'll have to fly! they are getting so big so fast! december is on its way. birthdays for everyone! Kaci will be 8 on the 3rd. Dang! when did that happen? for real? 8 seems like such a big number! for my 'little' girl. *sigh* and kira? yeah she's going to be 4!! on the 21st. wOW time flies. me? yeah i'll be another year older on the 30th. december. its a busy month!love, des xoxo