Saturday, November 8, 2008

handmade cratfs are fun!

so i've really been getting into making my own gifts this year. i sound nerdy. thats ok. i love it! ha! at first i was a little worried about making my own. the boys mom seems a little materialistic. and i was worried she wouldn't appreciate our gifts. but then i talked to my mom (my hero). she made me feel better and i thought, "i'm going to do this" i know how hard i worked on these gifts. and they are turning out sooo cute! i love them! and i was talking to my sister (my other hero) about the craftyness too. i told her if she didn't like what she got she could have coal in her stocking next year! ha, and she didn't want coal :) and to give the creativity a little boost, i joined this class! i'm so excited for it to begin. i can't wait! we just got a post of our supplies for the next 2 weeks. wow, we're going to be doing so much. it will be fun. now if i can keep my ideas straight. :) i keep getting new ones, and as soon as i start on one thing, another pops up. and my attention span? forget it. its tiny. i can never do the same thing for very long, lol. *sigh* so frustrating some days! not much to say. my camera is still with my sister :( so not alot of pretty stuff to look at. (i do have some cute sky photos that i don't think i've posted before though :)) my christmas collection of presents for the family is actually growing, for the gifts that i won't be making. thats exciting. i usually have to wait til the last minute to do that stuff. (i'm not the greatest with money, i'm still working on budgeting :)) so far though its been going good. which is awesome, bc i love looking for those unique and lovely gifts. love it! well here's to a fabulous fall that we had this year. so many beautiful colors! <3 and now to wait for the snow and cold. i don't mind the snow. i hate being cold. he he. xoxo des *can't wait to meet everyone!* *elsiecake*


Krista Stussy said...

NOW you HAVE your camera...HA!
enjoy ;)

photography4me said...

I'm doing the same thing this year for Christmas homemade gifts. Cant afford all the material stuff this year. I clearly know what you mean about attention span sometimes. I can be like that to. I've been working on that bear kid since Elsie came out with the project. And I've still not completed the first one. I've got so many projects going right now I have to keep lists out on the refrigerator. So I wish you luck when making your Christmas gifts this year.

PS. Its nice to see someone in the State of WI. Thats an Elsie fan like me.
Your town is like 2hrs and 45 or so min. from me. Talk to you again sometime.

Amy said...

you make some really cute stuff!!!