Sunday, November 25, 2007

at it again...

Wow! So much fun! My sister came over this past weekend. YOu know to scrapbook and stuff. :) Such a lovely time. We actually got a lot done, 2 LOs a piece. In one day...haha...And I actually got my sister to use my mini sewing machine. a big deal since she claims she is sewing impaired. For her first try she did very well. Now if only I could say the same thing for myself trying to use my new sewing machine.'s not that bad. I am just having trouble getting the tension situated. My project involves very thin material. So I'm sure (hopefully) that that is really all my problem is :) Yes, my mom gave me my Xmas present early. I think she was worried I would go out and get my own before the holidays. Oops, I'm good at doing that kind of stuff! She's so sweet! I am so very blessed for the amazing family I have!