Monday, November 26, 2007


My daughter and I decided we would make scarves together for all the ladies in our family. She was so excited and that made me excited! Everyone I've been reading about (on their blogs) is getting so crafty for the holidays. I thought I could join in the fun and have kaci help me out. B.C. I know she would love to, and she'd have 'sew' much fun! :) Here is a photo of my first scarf we made. For Sticker, i mean daughter, (who knows how it evolved), insists on calling my sister (her aunt) Sticker. soooo cute!


KristaStussy said...

thats me!! I tried this scarf on yesterday and it looks great on me! Just gotta break it in so its not so stiff! Thanks!!

Mika said...

Great scarf love it and the idea is so cool. Mika (

Ari said...

I love the scarf!!