Sunday, August 19, 2007

my fav photo for today

so, this is my favorite. My sister and I had planned this photo shoot a couple weeks ago. We thought we were rained out, but I said 'hey, we can still take pictures!' We went out and had a blast, I mean I did anyway. hehe. We got absolutely soaked at first. Then the rain kind of died off and we dried off. Alot of our photos turned out great. When I got the photos on the computer, I instantly knew I really liked this one. I added this really cool antique effect and it just looked even better. So cool! Anyway, I love it when it rains. There is one exception though. Who knew that when we got all this rain, that we would have so much flooding and bad news on the way? I always seem to ignore the flash flood alerts. I never believe them. This time it came though. Not us in Boscobel, but all around us. It so awful to hear about, and to see with your own eyes. Thats the only way to really believe it. You hear about it, but it doesn't make sense until you are there, until you see it, that flooding can happen and that it is bad. What bugs me the most right now, is that I feel so helpless. I wish I could be out there helping people who need help. Helping the people at the nursing home to evacuate. The one where I work anyway. I can only imagine how tough that probably was for the residents and everyone helping. And I just got a phone call saying that the Mill Dam broke thru. I am so upset about that. I love going there. It's so peaceful and pretty there. I love taking the girls there. Their eyes just light up every time we pull in, b/c they now it's an awesome spot too. After an almost whole day w/out rain, it's raining again. My heart goes to all of you who are in need. xoxox des