Friday, August 17, 2007

it's what we drive...

This is my latest layout. It's a pretty picture of (my boyfriend) Jesse's/Our car. I really like this picture. He took the car down to the boat landing after this huge storm we had. Well the storm cleared up and the sky was getting ready for a sunset. The clouds were just gorgeous! I love it when the clouds get to change into other colors besides white :) We ended up having a rainbow, and there is a picture with it in the background. Ok, here it is. I did find it, but it isn't as good of a picture as I was thinking I guess. Oh well, they are still pictures that I love! The color is just awesome to me! It says all show, no go. It's a saying Jesse and his friends say about their cars. It looks nice going down the road, but it doesn't go as fast as it might look, hehe. I blog, not his. Why about the car? I really like the car. It's cute, everyone looks at me when I drive it. It's just fun to drive! [And I consider it partly mine] :)