Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Here's to *4* years...

*4* years and hopefully more. Sunday the 12th of August was our 4 year anniversary for me and Jesse. Hooray! We've made it this far :) Well, we ended up making it a movie day. We don't do that much anymore. Wish we did, we got to the movie rental place and there were a ton of movies we wanted to rent! We ended up renting these 3. They made the top of the list. They are 'Hot Fuzz,' ' The Number 23,' and '300.' Our movie choices proved to be excellent picks. I would suggest all three to anyone. Later after we watched 300, we went to the boat landing in Blue River. It's where Jesse asked me to be his girlfriend (the first time). So we like to try and go there. When we got there it was so beautiful. It had been a long time since we had gotten to see the stars out in the country. They were amazing! We kept seeing shooting stars, and I thought there's too many of them for this to be shooting stars! I called my mom. Turns out it was the peak night for meteor showers! Awesome, that I believe was the highlight of my good/bad day. Oh, and Jesse, if you do read this on occasion, like you said you might, Maybe someday I will play WOW. Hopefully things will be better before I make that kind of commitment. :) love you.