Sunday, August 12, 2007

what i've been working on:

this cute little thing is what i have been spending my time on lately. I just finished it tonight! No sewing machine, so yep, all hand stitched. So excited. It looks pretty much like this. I just added some eyelet lace to the bottom and sewed that to it. Tonight I finally got brave enough to glue it to the book! :) My sister and I are doing a round robin journal swap. We are decorating the covers and sending on down the line to whoever is on our list. Nothing is in side yet. That first lucky person will get to do that. It will be exciting to see what every one comes up with! After a little time we will send them to someone else until it's full. If anyone is interested check out the flickr link or email me: Most anyone is welcome. We hope to have lots of fun with this!


KristaStussy said...

great job on the cover and promoting our group! Hope everyone has started! I am starting mine tonight, i finally fig. how i want to make my book!