Thursday, August 9, 2007

*26* part 2

6. Stop procrastinating so much! 7. Get healthy, excercise more, lose 25 lbs. 8. Conquer my OCD. 9. Stop letting Anxiety rule so much of my life. 10. Take a money management class. 11. Take a CPR class. 12. Stop sleeping in so much. 13. Get published in a scrapbook magazine. 14. Take more pictures just b/c. 15. Learn to be more patient. 16. Broaden my creative horizon. 17. Learn more about photo editing programs. 18. Get in touch with old friends. 19. Teach Kira to count to 10. 20. Help Kaci practice for her green belt. 21. Take the girls to the beach one more time before school. 22. Start writing poetry again. 23. Keep growing hair for Locks 4 Luv. 24. If it's not worth it, don't fight it. 25. Break out of this box I feel I'm stuffed into some days. 26. Live life without so many worries.