Thursday, August 9, 2007

starting my *26* goal. part one

1. Dance like no one is watching! That's what you do my little one. So beautiful, the way you twirl and giggle and dance. Like no one is really watching! I miss that feeling. Carefree, you make me remember that. Now, if I could just let go and be so daring as you... 2. Play in the rain! I know, I have before. But these cute pictures I took remind me of the fun I used to have playing in the rain growing up! I'm only *26* yet somedays i feel like such an old lady! That I will overcome :) 3. Be a fabulous mommy! Look at these two! They are so adorable I could just eat them up :) Kaci (6) and Kira (2) are the best little girls I could ever ask for. They have helped formed me who I am today, in a good way. There are somedays that I worry I'm not spending enough time with them. It's probably silly talk, but that's what I hope for: To be a good mommy and be there for them whenever I can! xoxox 4. Be more carefree! Be a kid again, for just a few minutes. Jump on the bed and have fun. 5. Walk proud in my boots. Be the more confident person I used to be! {(love these photos! :)}