Tuesday, August 28, 2007

my *great* grandma

Here is a LO of my great-grandma at my graduation party. She is going to be 100 this year. Sept. 22. Mom wanted my sister and I do do some scrapbook pages or mini albums of her for her b*day. The bottom photo on the LO is me, my dad, and great-grandma fisher. She lives at the nursing home in Prairie du Chien. My parents went to pick her up so that she could come. G*ma Fisher is such a sweet lady! So glad she could come. I realized I haven't posted for awhile. Here's why...like I said earlier. I had gotten stung. Well it turned to a very bad allergic reaction. I had to get a steroid shot in the arm. That didn't heal like it was supposed to and actually got worse. Back to the emergency room :( From the bee sting it turned into cellulitis. (not related to cellulite.) haha... It's where the skin cells become infected. Me no likey. I feel yucky, and my leg is stiff. Yes, so on top of all of that, now I have to carry an epi-pen. I told my *foster* grandma about it and she said I should get a braclet or necklace letting people know in case of emergency. ICE: in case of emergency. If you have a cell phone, your supposed to put your emergency contact under ICE and then there name. b/c if something happens to you, an EMT or whoever could possible grab your phone and call your *someone important.* So Krista: maybe we should get matching dog chains w/ our info. That would be sweet :) Have a great day!


KristaStussy said...

Lets do it. the wal mart in dodgeville has dog chains you can make and you can buy a simple chain to go with it.