Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I *luv* swap bot!

So... my sister introduced me to this thing called Pretty cool stuff. Membership is free. And your world is a playground :) There is a *huge* range of fun stuff you can get in on. You sign up for swaps of any sort. Then you get partners and send them your goodies. It's even international. How cool? My first two swaps are Photography Lovers and Postcard Quote #3. For the photography one you pick out your fav photos you have. 5x7 in size at least and send to your two partners. The photos I first ordered weren't as good as I was hoping. I was quite upset b/c it took forever for the pics to get to my house and then I was disappointed in what they 'really' looked like. Send by date is Sunday so I was definitely worried about not sending in time. But...I had my postcard swap too in the same time range (about). I had to search for some postcards. I went to World of Variety and found cute postcards and...A photo kiosk. W/ decent prices. So this morning I went out in search of a better photo op. I got an amazing flower shot. ( I loves anyway) Got *stung* in the process :( Pain is beauty? ...haha... Got that taken care of, and started on my postcards. The only thing they needed were a fav quote. Out of the six I bought, I only used one. And I altered that one! It was so fun! I didn't realize making your own postcards was so cool! The one is a quilt block postcard *(bottom)* the other is a real one that is altered *(middle)* and my favorite is the collage vintage looking one. *(top)* I definitely suggest trying out swap bot! It's amazing! Happy Findings! xoxox des