Sunday, April 6, 2008

my faves....

here are a few 'new' LOs. i did them a week ago or so. i already posted on flickr, but i feel like posting them here too :D the first LO of my daughter, with the dozens march kit. luuuv it! how awesome is it that Kaci is 7 and i just happen to get a #7 playing card in my kit. pretty randomly lucky!! lol my sis and her 'fiance' or my bil as he likes to say. the photo is from their Xmas card. i'm feeling very inspired lately, but i've had the flu and a silly sinus infection that doesn't ever let up. so i've just been relaxing hoping for those days where i feel much better. letting my head fill up with lots of things i want to accomplish. those three days off, and i get sick. go figure! oh well, it was bound to happen. the girls and i haven't been sick for awhile. with the exception of my never-ending sinus infection. hmm, well its off to bed, off to bed. 4am comes too fast! [ps] its my boyfriends b-day today! the day didn't turn out too bad. he's half way to 50 now! :)