Tuesday, April 15, 2008

i've been MIA...

sort of, not really...lol! i just don't know what to write!
ooh, i did win this. scroll down to April 11th. WOW! yeah, i screamed when i
saw it!! I never expected to win. soo exciting. <3
hmm, i have some new LOs. my sister came over
over the weekend and we scrapped and talked and went to an at home party and then scrapped more!
i am very into 're'decorating my home! <3>
decor. i'm so in love with birdcages as candle holders
very rad.

my new fave LO. yuppers

if anyone knows what this daisyd's paper

looks like, you're thinking. where are the fish?

yes, i consider myself a little clever, a little crafty. hehe

they didn't go with my theme but i like the paper otherwise.

so i made it work for me. silly...i think its cute.

and neat that kira and I are both born the year

of the monkey!

it's time for mac 'n cheese. so hope y'all have an amazing night! <3


Anonymous said...

I love the bird cage/candle holder....where did you get it?