Saturday, February 16, 2008

*dreaming of spring*

yes, i'm getting itchy for spring! I don't like being cold at all :) Recently I was tagged by ari. 5 Randoms: 1. I have OCD. I freak out when my house looks too messy! 2.I would love to own a tiger as a pet :) 3.I wish I would have tried harder in school. 4.I'm having so much fun learning to make quilts! 5.I'm worried my kids won't like me when they get big. Tag you're it! Skillywidden, Bekka, and Mika. Hope every one is having a great new year!


Mika said...

Hai, thanks for the tag. See you around. Mika

Bekka said...

Hey -- thanks for tagging me. My randoms are posted on my blog!

Sharmaine said...

Hi, Just hopped over from Bekka's blog, glad I did... will be back! LOve your layouts!!