Tuesday, October 30, 2007

when it's good, it's really good...

So I was looking, I noticed I hadn't posted in quite a while. (It seems like I haven't anyway!) Don't even know why not. I'm on the (silly) computer everyday. Nothing much exciting I guess. Here's a LO I did recently. My oldest Kaci. When she first started to learn to draw, she would draw me pictures all the time. I will miss having *little* ones around soon. (or so it seems) Kira, who will be *3* soon, is growing so fast! Where did the time go? Yes, I know, it's clique to say, isn't it. But oh so true. Where is my real life pause button...haha... I love my family so much! Way blessed to have these two in my life!!! These two: so cute! ps, the camera Kaci has in the top photo? This was like when she was maybe 2ish. I turned my back for a minute and she threw the camera into the microwave. Yuppers...*sigh* it still worked, even after all the sparks flew...Oh well, now one was hurt :)