Friday, October 12, 2007


Fun little mini books I made last Wednesday. They were sooo fun! And they barely took any time to throw together. The one on the left is a deck of cards held together with Love, Elsie's fabric paper. Its just a few photos that i didn't really want to scrap but i did at the same time. They weren't great photos, but there were special b.c. they were family time together. So in to this cute little album they went. Seriously, it only took about an hour to put together, total. How awesome! The one on the right is the same situation, special time together. Thrown together in this cardstock album. It's held together with strips of paper. It probably took about an total as well. I really had a blast putting them together. I felt like i got alot done. And thats always a good thing when it comes to scrapping away those memories! :)