Thursday, October 11, 2007

*fresh fall air*

so...i know i'm not much for an outdoors kind of person. but when it comes to fall, i love it! the fresh air is amazing. you can go outside in yummy hoodies & sweaters & cute little hats! everything is just so crisp :) you know what i mean...haha... yesterday we took a trip to the boat landing in Blue River. i'm not sure why, i think i thought i would get some good photos of anything i could find! it turned into rock throwing. one of our fav pastimes! we had such a blast together. i couldn't get any good photos of the girls together b.c. the sun was right in my eyes and i couldn't tell exactly what i was getting. so this is what i did end up with: lots of love, and happy treasure findings! des


Ari said...

nice photos - you can almost feel the "crispness" in the air!