Thursday, October 18, 2007


so...i've started exploring again! :) learning lots of new & old things. having alot of fun. i added a few new links on the left, under *luv* this stuff. especially for the scrapper, i found some great stuff to participate in. so freakin' sister reminded me the other day, there aren't enough hours in the day. so true. anyway, here is a group of my recent fave photos. want to try and make myself look around at least once a week. so, my goal is to try to post my faves every thursday. wish me luck :) have an amazing day! xoxo des From kristastussy From .elsie*cake. From silje/vanilje From hasisi From Tûba From buchanear7 From ameliaclairewellings From Andross From kulayphoto From portal23 From CorgifloreFrom simply♪ From birdw0rks From Joseph Abken From mseidman From Stijn Coppens From phaunt From *milly* From Yotam Rozin From needoll From TheNeepster From melanyklink From silvietty From matthiasgeelen