Monday, September 10, 2007


And not to leave the littlest one out! She's a cutie too! Kira is 2 and 1/2 and has turned into a little terror lately :) Just that age I suppose. I know she's sad that Kaci is in school. It's probably why she's rebelling so much. ex: taking off all her clothes, removing her diaper, not wanting to try the potty, playing with the microwave, pushing chairs up to the counter to crawl around on, pushing the ottoman up to the pool table to get up on and lay around on. But like I said, she's cute too. She's learning to talk like crazy and say sentences. We had sloppy joes the other day and she started calling them 'crabby pattys' (from SpongeBob) and she's a total cutie in the white glasses!


brittany said...

Hehe. did you know that in Japanese "kirakira" means glittery, sparkley, glamorous.

*danielle* said...

thats awesome! i'm always running around after her and calling her that!