Tuesday, July 31, 2007

it was monday

Funny how mondays have always gotten a bad name. I used to do it sometimes too. Blame it on a monday. Not any more. My schedule comes out a month at a time and away we go. The days just blend together I guess. Which I don't mind. I really like what I do now. I'm a CNA at a norwegian nursing home in Soldiers Grove called Sannes Skogdalen. It really is a great job. I love the feeling of being able to help. Residents that I take care of are usually pretty appreciative. That's a great feeling. I would love to go back to school to be an RN or an LPN. To become more knowledgable of everything I deal with, and the medical stand point. But I am good where I am. And yes, to me mondays no longer matter. The elderly need people around everyday of the week, not just monday thru friday. Besides, you can make up any reason for a bad day. The last one i heard someone use was that it was because it was almost a full moon. (which i believe the moon does do funny things to people anyway...)