Sunday, July 29, 2007

time for the girls!

I get the next two days off. So exciting! I hope to scrapbook as much as possible. I do have to divide my time among other very important things. (not including house work this time.) (its all done! :) Kaci, Kira, and I need girlie time. It will be fun I hope. Kaci wants to sew really bad, so i hope that we can do that, without having Kira getting into things. I am also trying to teach Kira colors, numbers, and body parts. She's so weird sometimes :) At times she'll say what you're trying to teach her; others, she just gets mad and runs away from you! Oh well, its all at her own pace. It was a good day, for my Sunday. I got a little scrapping done, sorted some digital pictures, and am starting to really get a hold of this computer thing! Now you may think I am silly as easy as some of this computer stuff is turning out to be, but, honestly I really didn't think I would be able to put this together so far. Hooray!